Current Project: Volunteers Community Park


Current Appearance of Volunteers Community Park

This greenspace was once filled with various play structures and other equipment. During the last 20 years, pieces have been removed as they have broken and been deemed unsafe. After seeking quotes and information from three different playground equipment companies, FOWP worked with the City of Williamston to develop a master plan for Volunteers Community Park.

The FOWP proposal includes a new playground area approximately 85 by 50 feet next to the Trent Allen Memorial Basketball Courts. It features four elements: a play structure, four swings, a Ten Spin that allows one to stand or sit while spinning, and a Tri Totter which provides three children the opportunity to bounce at the same time. 

The playground concept has been endorsed by Williamston’s Parks and Recreation Commission (December 2016) and Williamston City Council (January 2017). Costs to complete this project total $74,000. Current fundraising efforts include several community events, direct mail campaign and grant applications. 

Play your part

You can make this project happen by donating today.

  • Contribute $14 for one cubic yard of playground mulch. We need 234 cubic yards.

  • Contribute $30 for a bar socket set. We need 50 sets.

  • Contribute $61 for one recycled plastic border timber. We need 50 timbers.

  • Contribute $163 to buy 1 tot swing. We need 2 tot swings.

  • Contribute $365 to buy 1 park bench. We need 2 park benches.

The future Volunteers Community Park

The future Volunteers Community Park